Alifah Achmad

Authenticity Coach and Mentor


Learn how to lead with confidence
and engage your authentic self.

Hello, I'm Alifah,

founder of DISC and Beyond.

I have been where you are.

I have held myself back. I have not only witnessed, but supported, less talented bosses and co-workers move up the ladder. I have second-guessed my decisions. I have not spoken up when I knew (I knew!) the business decisions being made were wrong and would work against us.

I struggled with the same thoughts and feelings.

Whether you are leader of many or a leader of one, our issues can be quite similar. We can lack the communication skills to effectively collaborate, lead, and to successfully support our teams. Most of us are not even aware of our leadership style. And, many of us, especially women, lack the self-confidence to believe that we can lead, to truly recognize where we excel, and to reach for higher goals and positions.

I worked hard but was not offering my best.

We can voluntarily and unwittingly place ourselves in the tribe of servant leaders. We give everything of ourselves – our time, our dedication, our devotion – but never the part that will truly distinguish us as leaders. That is the part that is hardest to discover, to trust, and to give a voice to. That part of us is our inner voice, our instinct, and it comes from the combination of our education, experiences, work, and personal and work relationships all wrapped into one.

Success did not bring me happiness

I have climbed the corporate ladders. I have lead teams of talented engineers, call-centers specialists, sales teams, and cross-functional team to successful outcomes. I worked across different industries around the globe, from telecommunication to finance. But often I felt not heard, invisible, misunderstood, and not good enough.

But then, I learned to be the leader I am meant to be.

I am happy to tell you now that I changed my trajectory. I took the time for self-discovery and personal development. Now I lead as myself, with confidence in my authentic leadership style.

I will guide you in developing and understanding your very own leadership-style

I have a proven process that will lead us to understand your work style(s), your strengths and your challenges (because we all have them). We’ll also uncover your perceived obstacles and where you want to go. Following the process, you’ll have a plan to identify, practice, and implement the specific work, management, and communication methods that work for you.

It's time to claim your superpowers.

Lead confidently and with purpose equipped with an intimate understanding of your authentic leadership, work, and communication style.

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