Interactive Leadership Training

Our Leadership Training program specializes in the DISC model and delivers live virtually.


Succeed with Authenticity Bootcamp

* Improve performance
* Achieve success by being you
* Strengthen relationships

Research shows that the most successful people share the common trait of self-awareness. They’re able to more quickly recognize situations that will make them more successful.


This workshop includes a comprehensive personalized DISC and Motivators combined report. With this report, you will have the tools to help you become a better you. DISC measures observable behavior and emotion while Motivators show the values that drive our behavior and emotion.


When our values and behaviors are in alignment, we have personal synergy. When they are not, we experience personal conflict or tension.

What you will get:

  • Your own comprehensive personalized Behavioral and Motivational Styles Report 

  • 7.5 hours of live training and collaboration with a Certified Practitioner

  • Recording of the training 

  • Opportunity to ask questions and solve real-life challenges

  • A safe environment to practice your new learned skills


Valued over $2,000 for a ridiculously awesome investment of $497.

This workshop is being held in five 90-minute weekly sessions. You will have practical takeaways that you can implement right away after each session.

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